Harem Camp Episode 1


Harem Camp Episode 1 哈莱姆营地!Veteran solo camper Kensuke forms a camping group with four girls: Mayu from 11th grade, Hanako from 13th, Shizue from 15th and Makoto from 16th grade.

Every week, they use their equipment to set up their campsite and go hiking in the mountains. However, the girls can’t stay away from their cellphones.

When they leave the campsite, their phones are taken away. Kensuke, the lone male camper, sees a problem with the girls’ lack of communication. Soon after, he tries to make some adjustments by setting up a phone number for the girls to call him if they want to.

Over time, the girls begin to trust him and call him on the phone to communicate. However, when the girls return home, they don’t return the phone numbers.

One day, Kensuke finds out that the girls live in Heisei era, hence the phone number is for those born in Showa era. After returning home, one of the girls hands him the number, indicating that she would rather use it for emergency situations. After being troubled with the volume of calls, Watch More. Live Cams

Harem Camp Episode 1 哈莱姆营地!
Harem Camp Episode 1 哈莱姆营地!